The editors of Project welcome unsolicited submissions. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we can only respond selectively. Submissions for Issue Eight of Project may be made electronically via [email protected] Unless otherwise specified, issues have no theme. Please read the following guidelines before submitting.

The content of Project is organized by the categories described below. Prospective contributors should consider these categories when making submissions. Text documents should be in .doc/.docx format, with accompanying images and drawings sent as .jpg or .pdf. Images should be 8″x10″ at 300dpi. While the editors can help to secure image rights where necessary, contributors should take primary responsibility for sourcing high-quality images to accompany their texts. For appropriate citation style, please refer to the .

Positions are short texts that invite architects to clearly express the ideas and principles that are integral to their own work. They should range from 500-2000 words, and may be accompanied by images.

Critiques are rigorous examinations of architectural projects and ideas, which necessarily address broader questions facing the discipline today. They should be well-researched texts of 1500-4000 words, accompanied by images.

Works ask architects to present new work through images and drawings. These visual presentations are to be accompanied by a series of references (images and/or text) that describe a genealogy or disciplinary context for the work. All projects must include orthographic drawings.

Readings are concise texts accompanying a single image that explore the insights or possibilities for architecture that the image suggests. They should be no more than 500 words in length and include a single image.

Conversations are platforms for architects to discuss their work on their own terms with the editors and, in some cases, a public audience. The editors welcome opportunities to collaborate on the organization of events with interested institutions and venues.