Project Issue Five (Spring 2016)


Project Issue Five (Spring 2016)
160 Pages

Featuring: Michael Abrahamson, Pep Avilés, John Capen Brough, Preston Scott Cohen, Abigail Coover, Nathan Hume & Gillian Shaffer, Cristina Goberna & Urtzi Grau (Fake Industries Architectural Agonism), Parsa Khalili, Andrew Kovacs, MVRDV, Masha Panteleyeva, M. Casey Rehm (with P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S), Reimaging, Garrett Ricciardi & Julian Rose (formlessfinder), Noah Scheinman, Tyler Survant & Mark Talbot, Michael Szivos (SOFTlab), Clark Thenhaus, Young & Ayata, Zago Architecture

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Project Issue Five (Spring 2016)
160 Pages

Michael Szivos, Looks Good on Paper
Abigail Coover, Nathan Hume & Gillian Shaffer, Glitch Space
Clark Thenhaus, Generic Originals / American Pastoral

Pep Avilés, On Consilience and Materials
Tyler Survant & Mark Talbot, Projecting a Regionalist Parametrics
Parsa Khalili, Counter-Modernism

Zago Architecture, Color Outside the Lines
MVRDV, Glass Farm
Young & Ayata, Bauhaus Museum

Cristina Goberna & Urtzi Grau, Fake Industries Architectural Agonism
Garrett Ricciardi & Julian Rose, formlessfinder
Preston Scott Cohen, Preston Scott Cohen, Inc.

Reimaging on Readings
Noah Scheinman on Infrastructure,
Masha Panteleyeva on Fragments
Michael Abrahamson on History
John Capen Brough on Memphis

Andrew Kovacs, Leaning Towers

M. Casey Rehm (with P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S)

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