Project Issue Six (Spring 2017)


PROJECT Issue Six (Spring 2017)

132 Pages

Guest Editors: John Capen Brough & Parsa Khalili

Featuring: Atelier Olschinsky, Barozzi / Veiga, Marlon Blackwell, Marija Brdarski, John Capen Brough, Roberto de Leon, Britt Eversole, Yvonne Farrell & Shelley McNamara (Grafton Architects), Davide Tommaso Ferrando, Seher Erdogan Ford, Jerome Haferd, Joyce Hwang (Ants of the Prairie), Gavin Keeney, Parsa Khalili, Tina Lechner, Keith Mitnick, Soltani+LeClercq, SPBR Arquitetos

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Project Issue Six (Spring 2017)
132 Pages

Foreword & Postscript
Parsa Khalili, Architecture in the Margin
John Capen Brough, Concluding Notes

Davide Tommaso Ferrando, The Indirect Ethics of Tectonics
Joyce Hwang, Reconsidering Architecture in the Age of the Anthropocene
Yvonne Farrell & Shelley McNamara, One Thing Leads to Another

Irina Davidovici, Reiterations: Cliché and Interpretation in Contemporary Swiss Architecture
Gavin Keeney, Architectural Scholarship and Cognitive Capitalism
Britt Eversole, Populism and Regressive Utopia, Again and Again

SPBR Arquitetos, A New MAM
Barozzi / Veiga, Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur
Atelier Olschinsky, Selected Work

Roberto de Leon, De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop
Tina Lechner
Marlon Blackwell, Marlon Blackwell Architects

Seher Erdogan Ford on Constantinople
Marija Brdarski on Belgrade
Soltani+LeClercq on Karaj
Jerome Haferd on Harlem

Keith Mitnick, Hoarded Abstractions