Project Issue Three (Spring 2014)


Project Issue Three (Spring 2014)
108 Pages

Featuring: John Capen Brough, common room & Kim Förster, Reinier de Graaf, Neil Denari, Edward Eigen, Formless Finder, Adam Fure, Michael Jefferson & Suzanne Lettieri, Alexandra Leykauf, John May, Magnus Nilsson, Pezo von Ellrichshausen, Lola Sheppard, Jill Stoner, Luke Studebaker, Valerio Olgiati Architect, Tom Wiscombe

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Project Issue Three (Spring 2014)
108 Pages

Formless Finder, On Projects
Magnus Nilsson, Without Zeitgest/Within the Archive
Jill Stoner, Man, Dog and Building
common room & Kim Förster, A New Framework for an
Architecture of Coexistence
John May, Under Present Conditions Our Dullness Will Intensify

Adam Fure, Phenomenal Futures
Tom Wiscombe, Discreteness, or Towards a Flat Ontology
of Architecture

Reinier de Graaf, From CIAM to Cyberspace: Architecture
and Community

Valerio Olgiati Architect, Aargauer Kunsthaus Museum
Pezo von Ellrichshausen, Solo House

Neil Denari, Neil M. Denari Architects
Lola Sheppard, Lateral Office

Edward Eigen on Manuscripts
John Capen Brough on Infrastructure
Michael Jefferson & Suzanne Lettieri on Floodlines
Luke Studebaker on Kimmelman

Alexandra Leykauf

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